Women in Agri is an online platform to inspire, educate and celebrate women who drive change in the agricultural sector and beyond — while changing the narrative to create a more inclusive tomorrow. 

We aim to act as a platform rather than a mouthpiece by cutting through the noise to offer content that empowers diverse voices, drives inclusivity, and brings about the systemic change that is so desperately overdue in the Agri sector. 

From a historical perspective, women have always played a vital role in agriculture, but it was often  unacknowledged and undocumented. 

Although the agriculture industry has evolved to include the representation and inclusion of women, women still face more barriers than their male counterparts, both in their careers and their personal lives, as a result of gender roles. 

We could bombard you with stats that proves our point,  but let’s keep it simple: women make up about half the population, but we don’t hold nearly half the power (by our best measures, we’re clawing our way towards 30%). We don’t blame men. We don’t blame women. But we are ALL responsible for fixing it. 

What’s our purpose

  • To serve as a resource among our constituency and agricultural communities;
  • To raise the profile of women working in the industry through our various platforms. 
  • To call to action for accelerating women's equality in the Agricultural sector.
  • To provide access to resources that will enhance the careers of women working in Agri sector (eg job opportunities/networks/learning/volunteering)
  • To support initiatives that encourage young women and girls to pursue Agri careers
  • To support those women who wish to return to the Agri industry
  • To encourage women in the Agri sector to give back and act as role models for the industry
  • To collaborate with other women in Agri sector, sharing their initiatives through our website and across our social media channels
Our goal is to normalise the perception of women in the agricultural, agri-food and agribusiness roles by focusing on what they do, rather than their gender.  

Our platform focuses on the following: 

Farmers: In this section, we talk to women who work the land, passionate people that live and breathe what they do.

Executives and Agripreneurs: Read about the career journeys of female executives and agripreneurs, the setbacks they've experienced in their careers and how they turned them into important life lessons. 

Opportunities: We post all the opportunities that are focused on the agriculture sector from funding to competitions. 

News: We bring you the important news that impacts the sector.

Musings: These are thoughts from our editor and leading women and men in the sector. 

Journey with us into the future of  agricultural, agri-food and agribusiness. 

Women of the land; women who love the land; women who know the land.