Women Agripreneurs Programme is now Open for applications.

Applications are open for a development programme for women entrepreneurs in agribusiness.

Entrepreneurship continues to empower people to sustain their livelihoods. However, women  entrepreneurs still require investment to transform their livelihoods and to ensure strengthened  gender equality across the agricultural value chain. From farm to fork, women’s empowerment is  essential and the transformation of the agricultural sector as a gender-inclusive space is a critical  place to start.  

The context within which women farmers operate is dynamic and complex with multiple  stakeholders and role-players impacting the business environment. Farmers alike face challenges  like lack of financial support, appropriate training and business skills, social barriers and poor or  absent infrastructure. Women farmers, however, face these same challenges and more, such as a  lack of networks and peer support, and cultural and social barriers in the form of gender norms.  

Comprehensive support is critical to ensure that women farmers are equipped to run agricultural  enterprises that are resilient, adaptive to change and competitive. The Embassy of France in South  Africa will once again be partnering with the Entrepreneurship Development Academy (EDA) at the  Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) to develop a tailor-made programme to develop, support  and empower women farmers in South Africa.  

Through this customised programme, the EDA and the Embassy of France in South Africa hope to  contribute to the development and strengthening of the South African farming community, the  agricultural sector and South African women’s emancipation and economic empowerment by aiding  women entrepreneurs to effectively combat the challenges and barriers they face.  

Thirty-five women will be recruited to begin an intensive three-month programme titled, Women  Agripreneurs Programme, which will be divided into three thematic areas. The thematic areas will  cover self and leadership development as well as entrepreneurial and managerial competencies.  

Coaching sessions will run concurrently with the training programme to support the women  entrepreneurs to apply the academic business management concepts, as well as enhance their  personal development journeys. 

This intensive programme is scheduled to be delivered online in a blended format comprising of a  combination of asynchronous and synchronous lessons. The blended format aims to facilitate the  inclusion of participants in the rural outskirts of South Africa as well as women juggling multiple  roles.

As with many of the EDA’s programmes, a robust monitoring and evaluation process will be  undertaken to ensure mutual goals are met, to determine ongoing programme impact and to ensure  ongoing learning while implementing the programme.  

The programme is scheduled to start in March 2022. The closing date for applications is the 28th of  February 2022. View the application criteria and complete the online application form