Health Benefits of Living on a Farm

A healthy mind and body naturally complement each other. Feeling physically healthy improves mental health, whilst feeling confident in yourself helps you stay on top of your physical health in return.

Working first-hand in the agricultural sector helps you take a holistic approach to be healthy, a benefit which is difficult to find in many other work sectors. 

Lifting and carrying stock or farming equipment is a great way to keep bones and muscles healthy, as long as it’s done with proper care. Even taking a regular walk around dairies and farms keeps the blood flowing and the heart-healthy, ensuring more benefits than just the satisfaction of a job well done. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Farm Life

You learn to have a routine

When you live on a farm, you follow a routine. Routine can be helpful when it comes to managing our mental health. Routine anchors you.  It can help you to fit all of the important things into your day and take the guesswork and uncertainty out of bits of your day, which can allow you to feel more in control and less stressed. The certainty of routine can help you to manage the uncertainty that life can throw up. Coping with unpredictable periods of time can feel more doable when you have a little structure in place to look to.

Being outdoors improves your mental health

We live in a society where we associate our worth with ‘doing’. Things that bring financial rewards, status and so on are all associated with ‘doing. The result of this is that we work hard all the time. We try to be the best at everything. It’s not to say this isn’t good quality. But it drains us of our energy. 
Nature is very complex. Farming allows you to experience all its wonders for yourself. It slows us down, lets us pay attention to different things, and let go of others. We can slow down. We can reconnect to that sense of ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’. It’s very restorative. 

Making a contribution to societal health

Being part of the agricultural community means you’re making a positive contribution to society, no matter which aspect of agricultural work you’re involved in. All aspects of agriculture contribute towards feeding people or providing them with essential materials.  The whole world needs high-quality, safe food. Agriculture is the key to this, so being a part of it means you’re contributing towards the health of others, as well as yourself. This brings a sense of peace of mind and satisfaction that’s difficult to find in other sectors of the workforce. The knowledge that the work you are doing is making the world a better place is sure to promote a positive outlook.

Working the land gives you a deeper appreciation for nature and farmers

Agriculture isn’t about exploiting resources but about making the most of them. Having a close-up view of the life-cycle of crops and the challenges associated with farming, you will gain a greater respect for farmers and learn to value the land for the abundance it gives.  To till the earth, to plant seeds and watch them grow, to see the young shoots mature in the summer sun, and then to harvest the crop, now these are the deep and rewarding pleasures of farming. So is the intimate association with animals—cattle, horses or mules, chickens, pigs, or sheep—creatures who serve men well but who must be cared for tenderly and patiently.

The open air of the countryside also helps relieve stress, quickens recovery of disease, and provides the incentive to lose weight through outdoor exercise. And of course, you are picking up on that much needed Vitamin D!