In Conversation with Riah Maseko of VegOnTheGo

Award winning agripeneur, Riah Maseko is the Founder of VegOnTheGo, a company that specialises in providing clients with fresh organic produce that is chopped and packaged for convenient food prep. Riah previously worked in a call centre as a call centre agent by conducting research. Her job took a toll on her wellness and social life and she didn't have time for anything else, including her family. So she decided to quit the job and start her own business. And as they say, the rest is history. Riah talks to me about her vision and how she unwinds.

WIA: How did the lockdown announcement affect you and your business? Now that we are at level 1, how has your operations adjusted?

Riah Maseko: When the Lockdown was announced for some reason I was not worried at all because I fall under essential workers and at that time I had a walk in shop ekasi (store is closed), we did very well within the 21 day lockdown. We felt a pinch when the lockdown was  extended. We are trying to adjust to level 1 and find new ways to get customers to buy our products.

WIA: How do you balance being a successful & profitable business with being a good business?

Riah Maseko: By always learning new things, finding new ways of trading and finding innovative ideas.

WIA: How did you fund your business? Have you received any government help? 

Riah Maseko: A friend funded me as a startup and he believed in me, government helps every now and again with buying of equipment’s.

WIA: How do you go about marketing your business? What has been your most successful form of  marketing? 

Riah Maseko: We use paid posts via our socials, word of mouth and any form of exposure available that gets people talking.

WIA: What skill have you developed over time that has helped you during these challenging times?

Riah Maseko: Digital marketing.

WIA: How do you effectively manage the finances of your company? 

Riah Maseko: I cannot say It’s effective because we make mistakes and we learn as we move along.

WIA: What's a financial mistake you made as a business owner in the beginning? And how did you bounce from it? 

Riah Maseko: Going to CIPC to register the business before finding a customer to buy your products.

It’s a tough journey but doable, the market is big enough for all of us. People will always need  food, so we pride ourselves for feeding the nation.

WIA: In business and in life, how do you know when to let go and when to keep holding on? 

Riah Maseko: Listening to that inner voice inside you, and after you have worked on it and failed, its only fair to let go.

WIA: What advice do you give to women agripreneurs who have already started but are struggling?

Riah Maseko: Nothing comes easy in life, the struggles you face are building your character, you need them.

WIA: What advice do you give to women are considering starting but are struggling with self-doubt? 

Riah Maseko: It’s a tough journey but doable, the market is big enough for all of us. People will always need  food, so we pride ourselves for feeding the nation.

WIA: What do you do to nourish your body, mind and soul? 

Riah Maseko: Pray, jog and read books of how other businesses were started and sustained.

WIA: We all sometimes have the inner critic. How do you tame it and focus on your vision and  growth? 

Riah Maseko: Its very important to encourage oneself at all time, confident and love what you do,  that will help you during those moments when you feel useless and feel like a failer.

WIA: What are your future plans for VegOnTheGo? 

Riah Maseko: Franchising, growing the brand within gauteng’s township then move to other provinces.

To support VegOnTheGo, call: 072 771 1574 or visit their social media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to order.