Dare to envision a future that is bigger than your past

As important as it is to “stay present” in times of loss, it’s also essential to develop a powerful vision for the future that draws you forward into the future you want to create.

Having this vision for your abundant life is especially important after an economic loss. A financial setback can be an emotional shock. Ignored and suppressed, that shock can turn into deep emotional wounds. Unhealed financial wounds can produce a lifetimes of financial pain.

There are processes and practices that may assist you. For instance, journaling can bring what is unconscious up to the surface. Journaling a conversation with money can be an enlightening practice. Goal-setting, vision boarding, meditation and mastermind groups are all powerful practices that help you move forward.

Whatever your preferred method…

Things may look dark, they may look hopeless, it may look like the game is over and you’ve already lost. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you look toward the horizon, you’ll see a glow; the beautiful glow of the sun preparing to rise.

Dare to envision a future that is bigger than your past.

If you have lost a business, you may become too ashamed to try entrepreneurship again.

Dream and do anyway.

If you have lost half or more of your wealth in a divorce, you might be tempted to get a cat and stay single for the rest of your life.

Dare to love anyway.

If you have been fired from a job, you may experience a loss of confidence.

Believe in yourself anyway.

Foreclosure could leave you resolved to rent for the rest of your life—in spite of the loss of control and lack of equity you will have as a renter.

Envision that perfect-for-you home anyway.

Unexpected loss can lead you to play it so safe that there is little to gain.

Live and invest fully anyway.

Making a big financial mistake of any kind can lead to financial shame and second-guessing yourself.

Love and forgive yourself anyway.

Envision the life you want and the circumstances we wish to bring about. Imagine the life you are committed to having and the kind of person you wish to be. As you do, reality can shift in an instant.

Author: Kate Phillips, founder of Total Wealth Coaching